Science of Scents

Research has shown specific scents stimulate actions that benefit work, play, and rest. We combined these ingredients into our proprietary personal formulas: focus, compete, relax.

Research Behind "sense"


In scientific studies, natural scents in focus demonstrated meaningful improvement in both learning new information (over 30% better compared to controls) and retaining new information for at least 4 weeks (improved by over 40%).

A separate independent study showed improved attention span for individuals who smelled these ingredients, compared to their normal levels.

A different university study in an office setting found that data entry speed improved by over 25% on average, organizing tasks improved by over 15%, and accuracy improved by over 5%, when using ingredients in WorkSense.


Research in a university-based study designed to gauge athletic performance demonstrated that the natural ingredients in compete improved endurance (by over 5% compared to baseline) and speed (improving overall finishing times by over 2% vs. baseline!), which may be just the edge needed to win, improve gains and push through those plateaus.

Another independent research study conducted by an Ivy League University reported a significant improvement in breathing as well as attentiveness while using the ingredients in compete.


Research on natural ingredients in relax resulted in marked relaxation in subjects. A controlled research study conducted at a military hospital using the ingredients in RestSense demonstrated stress reduction of over 50%. In professional settings, such marked reduction in stress was reported after several days of sustained use, compared to control subjects.


The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2004 was awarded jointly to Drs. Richard Axel and Linda Buck "for their discoveries of odorant receptors and the organization of the olfactory system.” (see reference below)

How did this award-winning work inspire Sense?
Sense solutions include different natural scent ingredients, each found through independent research to have effectiveness. We were inspired by the mentioned research, to offer potential benefits for users of our products.

Our Products

For each of our products, great care was taken to ensure that the key ingredients are as consistent with the studies as possible—while at the same time meeting or exceeding safety guidelines. We’ve combined scents from each of these studies to create natural, proprietary products. Independent researchers performed all of the studies discussed here. Sense has not paid for, influenced or contacted researchers or subjects in any way involved for efficacy studies.

This is real science, made with natural ingredients, and we strongly support it with a 100% money-back guarantee.