What are xSense products?

xSense products are precisely dosed collections of natural essential oil scents and jojoba oil, with each scent scientifically found to improve aspects of work or study, play or exercise, rest or de-stressing, creating a more pleasant room ambiance.  Related xSense products include diffusers and candles.

Why are there men's and women's versions?

Because research suggested that men and women respond differently to the same scent, we adjusted each formula—that said, if you had the opposite sex version on hand you could still get the benefits, just possibly at a different level. 

Who can use xSense products?
Generally, we recommend use for adults age 18 years or older, though we are not aware of any problems with use with children or other groups. In rare cases where a user may already suffer from skin disorders, sensitivity, or other significant medical problems, please use after consultation with a doctor. We have had extensive safety testing performed, and scents in our personal products have been found to be safe.

How are xSense products made?

Our products are made in a professional facility that meets ISO guidelines for cosmetics manufacturing. They are formulated from pure and natural essential oils in a jojoba oil base. All xSense products are free of any parabens, SPFs or artificial colors and preservatives (or for that matter, artificial anything).