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Business Wire
Achieving New Year's Resolutions: [sense] Introduces Powerful Functional Scents to Help in 2016 by [Sense], Jan 7, 2016
“At the start of the New Year, we wanted to increase our users’ results in achieving their resolutions by giving them a stronger version of our functional scents,” said Dr. Ashok Gowda, biomedical engineer and co-founder of [World of Sense, LLC]."

Business Wire
Finally putting scientific sense into natural scents, [World of Sense] strives to improve daily work, play, and rest by [World of Sense], Oct 3, 2015
"I was very happy to work with [World of Sense] in the creation of their benefit driven scents. Their commitment to research and development in the creation of their innovative products was extremely impressive. They were able to take a novel idea and bring it to fruition, scents with benefits for the user."


People Magazine
People Style Watch by Sarah Kinonen, March 17, 2016
"It's a liquid boost even better than H2O! Before your next 5K, rub on [Compete], a blend of essential oils proven to help increase speed and endurance, onto your upper lip for a natural boost to help hit that P.R."

Trend Hunter
Performance Enhancing Scents by Laura McQuarrie, Jan 22, 2016
"Aromatherapy is known to be a tool for feeling relaxed, energized and more, but 
[World of Sense] is a company that's looking to transform the future of scent as a tool for carrying out a number of activities."

Huffington Post
Chic Gift Guide 2015 by Nancy Laws, Nov 29, 2015
"If we had a unique category, [SENSE] would certainly be a great fit. 
[SENSE] is for the woman on the go in need of some help. A new line of functional scents inspired by Nobel Prize winning clinical research..."

Is Aromatherapy the Secret to Winning at Life? by Jasmine Garnsworthy, Dec 2015
"I found [Focus] so effective that I’ve been using it several times per day for nearly a week."

Beyond Aromatherapy by Saul Carrasco, Jan 8, 2016
"Thankfully, with a little help from [Sense], my daily obligations have become achievable by simply breathing."

Living Well Magazine
LWM 10th Annual Gift Guide by Brian Strauss, Nov 2015
"Living Well Magazine's 10th Annual Holiday Gift Guide is by far the largest and most unique Holiday Shopping Guide available!"

Pittsburgh Better Times
For the Home: 2015 Holidays by Dan Casciato, Nov 2015
"The functional scents are easy to use! Simply apply the desired product directly under your nose before beginning an activity and allow the scent to help you work, play, or rest better. All [Sense] products are oil-based, alcohol-free, and only noticeable to the user. They can even be worn with your usual perfume or cologne!"

Avant-Garde Gifts by Joseph J. Airdo, Nov 28, 2015
"Breakthrough Entertainment highlights this holiday season’s hottest gifts."

Monsters and Critics
Holiday Gift Guide 2015, The Cool, Useful Things Edition by Karen V Stevens, Dec 1, 2015
"I tried it out and I did work harder, I got so much done in the morning I felt like a Marine (remember the commercial, “we do more before 9 am than most people do in an entire day”)!"

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Woman’s World
2016 Spring Giveaway

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2016 Spring Giveaway

2016 Spring Giveaway

2016 Spring Giveaway

Mom Fabulous
Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for $25 and under by Lauren Dimet Waters, Dec 11, 2015

Fashion Times
Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Britteny Dee, Dec 9, 2015

Jenn's Review Blog
[Sense] Review by Jennifer Zuna, Dec 9, 2015
"I am quite impressed with these scents from [Sense] and I highly recommend this product!"

Windy City Times
Six Worth Seeking by Andrew Davis, Dec 9, 2015

Geek Chic Reviews
Holiday Pamper Gift Guide 2015 by Nicky Lamarco, Dec 7, 2015

Fountain Of 30
Holiday Gift Guide by Julie Bonner, Nov 28, 2015
"Can scents make you rest easier, work better, and exercise more effectively? That’s the idea behind each of these scents!"

Real Mom Real Views
Work.Play.Rest. by Crissa Robertson, Nov 28, 2015
"World of Sense has products that are 'scientifically backed, pleasant smelling, and made using completely natural ingredients' to help you work better, play harder, and rest easier. Made with a proprietary mix of natural and pure ingredients these scents could be just what you are looking for to make your day even better."

Kelly’s Thoughts on Things
Just the Boost you need with [Sense] by Kelly Reci, Nov 24, 2015
"[Sense] help give you a boost and are functional scents for both men and women that have been found to enhance workouts and allow users to train harder and stronger."

Day Job Optional
Real Talk: Essential Oils Changed My Life by Michelle Christina Larsen, Nov 2015
"I excitedly told everyone my secret for staying alert and they started buying it too. As you can imagine, things at the office got pretty minty. But can you think of a better thing to smell all day?"

A Triathlete’s Diary
Stocking Stuffers by Hilary Topper, Nov 13, 2015
"Aromatherapy seems to work. Many of the massage therapists incorporate aroma therapy in their practice. Now you can get a little stocking stuff for your loved one that will help her work harder, play better and rest easier."

A little Crunchy
Holiday Gift Guide – 2015 by Kimberly Storms, Nov 11, 2015
"Tis the season to count our blessings and spend wonderful fun times with family making memories. It is also the gift giving season for many of us and finding the perfect gifts can be a bit stressful."

Michigan Mom Living
[Sense!] New Natural Scents that Help You Work Better, Play Harder, and Rest Easier by Lindsey Clair, Nov 5, 2015
"Ingredients in each [Sense] product were carefully selected based on independently performed scientific studies that showed specific results. [Focus, Compete, Relax] are made from a proprietary mix of natural and pure ingredients shown to engage a user’s sense of smell and potentially enhance their daily activities, allowing increased efficiency, improved endurance, and stress reduction."

Maria's Space
Trick Your Brain With [Sense] by Maria Gagliano, Oct. 2015
"I have read research for years about how our sense of smell is tied to the emotional centers of the brain and how smelling can bring back many of our memories. I've tried smelling chocolate to make me feel full (never worked for me). Certain perfumes make me think of certain people or times in my life. Industries have built their entire empire around this very natural sense of smell that most of us have."

Beautiful Mommies
Beautiful Mommies Gift Guide – 2015 by Juliann Newton, Nov. 2015

Gina's Library
[Sense!] New Natural Scents that Help You Work Better, Play Harder, and Rest Easier by Gina Butler, Nov 2, 2015



"I have truly enjoyed and benefitted from [Sense] products. It is not uncommon for me to struggle with anxiety that makes it very challenging to fall asleep. The first time I used [Relax] to help with this, I was able to comfortably rest. My favorite product has been [Compete]. I have used [Compete] regularly before workouts but also found it helpful in the afternoon at work. Rather than grabbing an afternoon cup of coffee, [Compete] gives me the extra burst of energy to finish out the day."

[Relax & Compete]
Kaley F.
Child Life Specialist

"I used it at the beginning of the day when starting to work, on my way to the gym, and right before I went to bed, post-shower...I'll just say that I had a very productive week. It felt like less of a boost in energy and more of a feeling of determination to achieve a goal."

[All Sense Products]
Saul C.
Lifestyle Blogger

"My favorite things: these are the things I recommend... [Sense]"

Deluxe Pack
Juliann N.

"[Compete] definitely perked me up! I am super duper sensitive to scents, but didn’t find these overwhelming or off-putting in any way. The sample pack would be a great stocking stuffer for the man or woman in your life! Happy smelling!"

Carrie Y.

"I tried it not expecting anything but I got a lot of work done that day and felt what it was meant to do; I asked for more the next day."

Sathi R.
Real Estate Analyst

"I used it [Relax] on a particularly stressful day, and was able to calm down and relax before bed, more so than I expected to be able to do."

Bekah J.
Mother of 4

"I had a little pep in my step today! That "[Compete]" scent is great"

Steve W.
Professional Athlete

"[Focus] has been great for me. Once I apply, I get at least 90 minutes of focus without any of the jitteriness I get from coffee"

John F.


I am hooked already!"

[All Sense Products]
Lindsey J.

"...does give you a good respite when you’re using it, and again, it's very easy to take on the go with you!"

Deluxe Pack

[Relax]: "I actually have an app that tracks my sleeping patterns and I had two consistent nights of deep sleep without up on the evenings that I used this sense. Felt very well rested.

[Compete]: "This was the best of all three in my opinion, Used this on two separate days for two strenuous workouts and was very impressed. I felt sustained energy for both workouts with no crash"

[Focus]: "Not sure how well this one worked, I was pretty focused, but this is something I have struggled with often and only tried once."

All Sense Products
Rachel C.
Personal Trainer

"I tried it out and I did work harder, I got so much done in the morning I felt like a Marine (remember the commercial, “we do more before 9 am than most people do in an entire day”)!"

Karen S.
Lifestyle Journalist

"As a full-time student I have a lot of material to review and many (social media) distractions. This is my secret weapon to focus. As soon as I apply I am ready to go!"

Andrea O.
MBA Student

"I got [Focus] for my son, and he really noticed a difference in how he was able to perform — so he now he wants me to order more..."

Jordana R.

"As a lawyer training for the full-Ironman triathlon [2.1 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, 26.2 mile run], I started using [COMPETE] and became a believer -- it helped me have more endurance and get that 'runner's high' feeling sooner."

Chris Q.