Our Mission

  • Neuroscientists working with perfume industry specialists led to performance-enhancing scents. Placebo-controlled, randomized, blinded studies found people improved to work smarter (learning 40% more), play harder (endurance & speed up to 5%), and rest easier (stress reduction over 50%) with performance scents.
  • Safe, natural, effective – as tested in humans (not animals). Certified legal and safe for use in pro and amateur athletes.
  • Available in either Personal size roll-on (lasts about a month if used daily for working days: swipe once, works immediately and go for up to 8 hours).
  • Several products sold out in their retail debut, and users include: law offices, pro athletic teams, selected CrossFit locations, luxury hotels including Four Seasons New York, and upscale yoga studios—with both local and international presence. Math students, Muai Thai boxers, and restless individuals (like moms and dads of young children, busy finance professionals, and military personnel) live by our products, and we love the stories of how they’ve become “better versions of themselves.”
  • Striving to offer new ways to help you meet your New Year Resolutions!