CANDLE -- WorkSense: Work Smarter!

WorkSense has natural performance-improving essential oil scents scientifically found to help work and study better, leaving more time to play and relax. Developed by Neuroscientists, Educators and Business Professionals.

WorkSense contains natural, safe, scientifically-backed performance-improving scents found to enhance several aspects to help succeed at the workplace:

  • Learning new information (by > 30%)
  • Remembering newly learned information (by > 40%)
  • Efficiency at the workplace (finishing tasks >15% faster)
  • Accuracy of tasks (with >5% fewer errors made vs. placebo)
    • Unique versions for men and women
    • Not habit forming, not a drug; results may vary
    • 100% Money-back guarantee
    • FREE Ground shipping on all domestic orders

    Ingredients include a proprietary blend of soy wax and natural essential oils.

    Carefully Safety-tested on human volunteers, with NO animal testing; contains natural products including limonene, that may cause skin photosensitivity or irritation in rare cases.

    Candles are made from natural soy wax, in collaboration with Laguna Candles, powered by xSense!