ROLLER -- PlaySense: Play Harder!
ROLLER -- PlaySense: Play Harder!

ROLLER -- PlaySense: Play Harder!

PlaySense contains natural performance essential oil scents scientifically found to improve speed and endurance, certified safe and legal for use by Pro and Amateur Athletes. Developed by Neuroscientists and Competitive Athletes.

PlaySense contains pure and natural, safe, scientifically-backed performance-improving scents found to enhance several qualities to compete more effectively to win:

  • Endurance (improved by over 5%)

  • Speed (total finishing time improved significantly over baseline in the same individual, in competitive racing)—as an example, in the 2012 London Olympics, this degree of time difference would make the 6th place finisher the gold medalist;

  • PlaySense has also been Certified as Safe and Legal for use in Professional and Amateur Athletes

  • Not habit forming, not a drug; results may vary

  • 100% Money-back guarantee

  • FREE Ground shipping on all domestic orders

  • Ingredients include jojoba oil with a proprietary blend of natural essential oils

  • Carefully Safety-tested on human volunteers, No animal testing. Contains natural products that may, in rare cases, cause skin photosensitivity or irritation